ECC Halal assists applying companies fully in obtaining the Halal certificate for their products and services, from the completion of their application all through issuing the certification. The certification process starts with assisting producers to adapt their chain of production in order to enable Halal production.

  1. An application for Halal certification via:;
  2. Request of company- and contact information
  3. Sending the applicant Halal relevant information and the procedure of Halal Certification,
  4. Sending the applicant a questionnaire and a concept contract
  5. Receiving the proper documentation and a filled questionnaire
  6. Pre-assessment of the Halal status of the auditee


  1. Signing a Halal Certification agreement between the applicant and the certification body
  2. Initiating the Audit
  3. Preparing Audit activities
  4. Conducting the Audit activities
  5. Sample collecting and verifying information
  6. Preparing audit conclusions and an audit report

  1. Presentation of the audit report to the Ulama Committee
  2. Approve and decision by Ulama Committee
  3. Presentation of the report of Ulama Committee to the Decision Committee
  4. If appropriate decision and issuance of a Halal certificate
  5. Generate an invoice after receipt of payment Sending the Halal certificate